How it all started.

on 12:56 pm

Happy 2010!

Where was I? On yeah, in the year 2003 I decided to move to Portugal to study law.

My decision was not very well received by the members of my family (mainly my parents and aunts and uncles). They all told me that life in Portugal is very different from life in Canada. That if would be very difficult for me; not only because of the cultural differences but also because of the vast differences in infrastructures and development, and that I would eventually regret my decision. I did not help that my family members were all Portuguese immigrants, which left the country while it was still reeling from the effects of the April 25th revolution, at a time when the differences between the two countries were even greater.

Well, they were correct on everything, except the part about regretting my decision.

Of course financial reasons helped to motivate my decision, since studying law in Canada would have cost quite a bit (around 10,000 dollars), while in Portugal at the time the tuition was about 500 dollars. Housing and food costs were about equal. Nevertheless, the main attraction was the opportunity to experience a different culture...

By the way,
The judicial (and not only) holidays are officially over! However, by the slowness of the Portuguese legal system you would be pressed to tell the difference.