Feeling the ethnic pride at EURO and World Cup time

on 3:58 pm

Hello all,

Well it's been awhile since I was last on here. The truth is I've had little to no time. Whatever the case, I'm back and there's a very important issue that we have to debate: that's right - EURO2012.

Ok, now we all remember EURO 2004, right? We all remember the sadness of the final. Greece won, Portugal lost, and life went on. Surely it was a sad ending to a wonderful ride. Still, how could we ever forget the flags hanging out of every window throughout the country and the spirit of nationalism that was created by the individual that lead the Portuguese National Team - yeah, a Brazilian, Luís Felipe Scolari.

Arguably it can be said that when it comes to Portuguese nationalism, it is felt to be stronger when outside the country. All of us who have lived as emigrants outside of Portugal know well how this is, especially in immigrant countries like Canada and the USA where we are surrounded by other nationalities on a daily basis and thus often feel the need to 'represent', if you will. Of course, we all know that there are certain times when this ethnic pride particularly makes itself known, usually every couple of years, a time that is once again just around the corner. EURO 2012 is a couple of weeks again, and eventhough the spirit of 2004 is not quit in the air, you just know that when kick-off takes place against Germany, on June 9th, that national pride is going to make itself noticed and we'll be seeing images such as these with Portuguese folks celebrating on the streets and in bars and association clubhouses across such countries as Switzerland, France, Germany, England, the US and Canada (in no specific order): 

Provide us with another wonderful ride!