Canuck care packages…

on 11:00 pm

Merriam-Webster defines a “care-package” as a package of useful or pleasurable items that is sent or given as a gift to another.

Ever since moving to Portugal I have yet to receive a care package, with goodies to satisfy my hankering for Canuck stuff.

However, if I could get a care package (or ask friends/family to bring me something if/when them visit me), I would ask for the following (in no particular order):
- Tim Horton's coffee (though it’s never the same brewed at home)
- good old donuts from Country Style or Tim Horton’s (Boston cream and apple & spice being my favourites)
- Dr. Pepper and root beer
- Nibs (and Super Nibs)
- Twizzlers

While I have been able to find some of these on , shipping is always a pretty big obstacle, and ends up surpassing the cost of the good.

So what would you have sent from Canada, if you could pick?

I'd kill for a double double and a boston cream right now...